Real Trends The Thousand in Wall Street Journal recognized many US REO Partners Members as Top Sales Professionals!

Sept. 30, 2014 – Eighteen US REO Partners members were recognized by Real Trends for top real estate sales in the country based on the number of transactions during 2013.

“These professionals have not only capitalized on the benefits of being US REO Partners members, they have also shown the dedication and commitment to the industry that has put them in an elite category,” said Troy Capell, president of US REO Partners. “Even though REO sales are down, our members understand how to effectively partner with the companies to ensure they maintain a strong market share in the respective geographic areas. Being successful during any market climate is the mark of a quality real estate professional.”

The following is a list of the US REO Partners members who made the list and their ranking:

Individuals by Units

Michael Balsitis             Bellabay Realty, Michigan,                                    #8

Raymond Megie            Realty Executives Main Street, Michigan           #9

Mary Berry                     US REO Partners Founder, Oklahoma                #12

Sherri Saad                     RE/MAX Leading Edge, Michigan                      #15

Michael Samborn          All Star Real Estate, Michigan                              #18

Andrew Kaplan              Kapital Real Estate, Wisconsin                             #26

Joe Mullaney                  RE/MAX Real Estate, Michigan                           #30

Frank DeNovi                 Coldwell Banker, Illinois                                        #37

Ranae Stewart                Exit Realty, Florida,                                                #38

Albert Hakim                  RE/MAX Signature, Michigan,                            #56

Libby Sosinski                Keller Williams Realty, Pennsylvania                 #78

Amanda Bell                   At Home Realty, Tennessee                                  #93

Ed Laine                          Miller Laine Properties, Washington                  #102

Kevin Pall                        Brooke Madison & Assoc., Virginia                     #123

Lynn Burley                    Burley Properties, Florida                                     #128

Michael Seger                Seger Realty, Georgia                                             #159

Russell Weglarz             Coldwell Bank, Illinois                                          #209

Robert Yohr                    KC Foreclosures, Kansas                                      #216

 The Top Teams by Sides

Chantel Ray Team         Chantel Ray Real Estate, Virginia                       #12

Kirby Pearson                 Pearson Realty Group, Illinois                            #23

Albert Hakim Team       RE/MAX Signature, Michigan                            #23

The Scott Smith Team   Keller Williams, Indiana                                      #46

Bertha Payne                    Selective Homes, Inc., North Carolina             #49

Saul Zenkevicius              Z Team, Illinois                                                     #84

Ryan McFarlane    , Michigan                        #89

Bob Moncavage               Priority Realty, Pennsylvania                             #157

“It has been a busy year and a half, and I truly contribute much of my success to US REO Partners, Steve Modica and the coaching I have received,” said Lynn Burley, who has been a member of US REO Partners since 2010.

With a focus on helping its agent and corporate members navigate the REO arena, US REO Partners is the country’s leading organization focused on that area of the industry.

“Our goal is to give our corporate, real estate, title and attorney members a forum to share best practices as well as opportunities,” Capell added. “Having so many members on the Real Trends list shows that our approach is working.”

About US REO Partners

US REO Partners, Inc. is a membership-based organization formed in 2010 by industry experts who have experienced several servicing default cycles.  US REO Partners members have extensive experience in the servicing and real estate industries. Our membership represents the top real estate professionals across the country who have made a commitment to focus on the common goals of getting the industry back on track. We are an organization where everyone has a voice and everyone is expected to be a true partner in promoting our mission statement for a common goal. For more information, visit


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