Welcome to an entirely new kind of industry partnership.

For over a decade, U.S. REO Partners has represented the industry's most experienced, proven, and reliable REO brokers throughout the country. As your business evolves with the industry, now is the time to join with other proven, vetted, and top-performing brokers for a collaborative networking and educational experience with clients, attorneys, and other critical vendors.

Learn more about our REO broker membership category by clicking here or reach out to a US REO Partners executive team member to walk-through the benefits of joining US REO Partners as a Charter Broker Member.


U.S. REO Partners represents the industry’s leading REO brokers, default services law firms, and ancillary service providers. We work with the market’s leading asset management and mortgage servicing companies offering a complete referral circle.


With a membership roster that covers the complete foreclosure pipeline, U.S. REO Partners represents the industry’s best for every critical juncture of the disposition process from loss mitigation to foreclosure to real estate-owned management, marketing, and closing.


If you’re leading your market from a legal, real estate, title, or technology perspective, then U.S. REO Partners is your singular source for a complete referral circle custom built around the vendor needs and disposition process for asset managers and mortgage servicers.

As partners to our clients, we have you covered, from listing and legal, to marketing, management, preservation and closing.

At U.S. REO Partners, our membership covers the complete disposition process. So whether you're a mortgage servicer, asset management company, or investor, our members can provide the complete suite of services you need for servicing distressed and defaulted assets. Click here to connect with us about training, education, or vendor referrals. 

Our members are leaders in their markets and subject matter experts in real estate, disposition, and default servicing.

U.S. REO Partners works with major mortgage servicing, asset management, and investor clients providing up-to-date legal and real estate education at the federal, state, and market level. Members can submit Market Maker Updates, Local Law Updates, host educational webinars, and participate in onsite trainings, or speak at a USREOP-hosted event. 

About Us: U.S. REO Partners

U.S. REO Partners is a national trade group representing the very best of the industry's REO brokers, default services law firms, and ancillary service providers a mortgage servicing client or investor needs to move an asset back onto the market. Our members offer decades of legal, real estate, and servicing experience that is hand-picked through a stringent organizational and peer review. Click here to find a member now or contact us about how to leverage our full membership across your portfolio. Call us at 855-4US-REOP or email us info@usreop.com.

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