US REO Partners Members In The Community: Mark Ferguson, Greeley, CO

VCSmall-Icon1Being a part of my community has become a priority in my business over the last year. I have been concentrating my efforts on community education including real estate agents and investors. My focus is on building strong relationships within my business and the people I work with most often, but I also build relationships with businesses and people in my local community.

I was always aware of the importance of community involvement in the past, but up until a year ago, business expansion and growth had been my main concern. I told myself I didn’t have time for the community, because I was so busy with work. What I found was if we help the community in the right ways, growing in business is an automatic benefit.

One way I reach out to the community is by teaching HUD classes at local community colleges tomark ferguson real estate agents interested in learning the HUD system. Teaching these classes has given me the opportunity to speak with the up-and-coming real estate minds. They give me fresh ideas in the marketplace and possible recruits for my team. I am teaching them how to make money with HUD homes and giving them other tips to use when they become real estate agents. I also teach classes to investors interested in learning how to buy HUD homes at local real estate club meetings. The class with investors gives me the opportunity to teach buyers about the HUD system and meet people actively looking to purchase homes. I teach established agents HUD classes and reach over 4,000 people a month with my HUD articles on

Along with teaching, I am a corporate donator for the local food bank, which was easy to do and weld-food-bank-logoit surprised me how few donors there were. My donation of $2,000 a year provides over 12,000 meals a year! It is hard to beat that bang for your buck and it was amazing how thankful the food bank was.  Being involved with the food bank encourages my agents to be involved in the community as well. Our last company turkey drive landed my team on the Weld Food Bank Facebook page where we gave away 26 turkeys (I believe that was the most by any real estate team in our area, but who’s counting).

To strengthen my relationships with our best clients, I provide happy hours once a month for my team, and our best clients, with free food and drinks.  This allows us to meet face to face to create stronger relationships.  It is a great way to encourage conversation and build loyalty. Not only is my team able to get together and have some fun, but clients are able to have fun as well. Clients have even networked with each other at these events to help their own businesses, which is a win-win for everyone.

mark ferguson Chamber Ribbon Cutting

Last month, I joined the Chamber of Commerce. We plan to work closely with the relocation committee to help new residents who are coming to the area. I have found the Chamber of Commerce to be a great way to network with other business owners as well.

Most of the charity work and community activities create direct business opportunities.  The more people who see us, the better it is for our visibility and long-term business model. It is an easy way for my team to give back and get closer as a group. I plan on donating to my alma mater, the University of Colorado, this year which will give me a place on the real estate school board and possible guest lecturing opportunities.