On behalf of the US REO Partners Board of Directors

Our hearts go out to all those impacted by COVID-19—this includes not only those diagnosed with the virus, but also their friends and family, those whose jobs and schools have been impacted and so many more. Our focus is, as always, on the health and safety of our communities.There is no question this is a time of great uncertainty. While we don’t know exactly what the future may hold, we feel confident that by sticking together and supporting each other, we’ll emerge from this stronger than before.

I’ve spoken to several of our largest clients in the past few days. In accordance with the government directives, they are allowing their employees to work remotely to minimize the risk of any potential exposure.

As always, please remember that US REO Partners is not only your partner in assisting in the mitigation of industry issues but as your partner and extended family over the years, we are also there to assist in other ways. Thus, if anyone in your office has a family member or colleague that may be affected, and you need someone to possibly stop by or reach out to check on a loved one, let us know, and we will activate the US REO Partners network to try to assist in every way we can. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the people in harm’s way.
Toll-Free REO Hotline: 855-4US-REOP