US REO Partners In The Community: Lisa Englehart, VA

Lisa EnglehartUS REO Partners member Lisa Englehart of Turnkey Realty Services in Richmond, VA has been very busy working on a reveal of Staff Sgt. Scott Feltz’s home. Staff Sgt. Scott Feltz finished his career in the U.S. Army, having survived two IED exposions and a Chinese rocket, leaving Scott with a major head injury. On Saturday, Feb. 28, SunTrust Mortgage and the Military Warriors Support Foundation donated a house for his family so they can put down their roots.

The Hanover Fire Department saluted the soldier and his family as they drove under the ladder flying the American flag at the subdivision entrance.  The Hanover Sheriff’s Department gave the SunTrust executives and the soldier’s family a full police escort from the local Starbucks to the property.  “It’s our dream home. I don’t have to do anything,” Feltz said. Their new front yard was packed with people, new neighbors they met for the first time moving Feltz to tears. “I dont cry.” he said. announcing work done“Community, it’s what we wanted.” But Emily Feltz said the biggest thing isn’t just this beautiful house. It’s the people who are now on their team. “All the people, it’s just overwhelming,” she said.

The home was awarded with no strings attached. Scott Feltz said it’s a world of difference from the family’s last 400 square foot loft, and they’re looking forward to great schools and great grilling in their new backyard.

SunTrust Mortgage donated one of Lisa’s REO property listings to Scott Feltz (chosen by the Military Warriors Support Foundation).  Before it could be donated it needed to be renovated.  Lisa and Sun Trust Mortgage REO has had a long term business relationship and their headquarters is in her hometown. “My role was to coordinate and complete the renovation project.  I worked with the local Lowe’s store who provided an unbelievable discount.  I went to all of my contractors and small business tradesmen who all volunteered their labor.  The entire renovation was completed at minimal cost.” Says Lisa. “We wanted to provide a ‘like new’ home.”

IMG_5866new appliances, countertops and flooring throughoutfront

When asked how the experienced effected Lisa, her response was “It was a day I will never forget. Seeing the look on Staff Sgt. Feltz’s face at the key ceremony just about dropped me to my knees.  It really made me think about how precious life is and how important family is. It makes you appreciate what you have and the freedom you have.”

Lisa Englehart’s mission is to continue to hire Veterans and to encourage others to do the same.  “They are so special and they are so dedicated.”   SunTrust has given away a home in Florida, South Carolina, and now Virginia.  They are going to give away 3 more this year.

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