US REO Partners Year End Issue of PRTNR Magazine

It’s been an interesting year in Real Estate, to say the least. The challenges are many as we try to anticipate the market, and what the clients need to know, especially as it pertains to the “repair, rehab or sell as is" question. This issue contains pieces written by some of the market makers in our industry and hopefully provides you with some valuable insight.

Todd Yovino guides us through managing a few of New York City’s intricate and complicated code violations as well as what it takes to navigate the Building Department. Hilary Marks shares the secret of her success in dealing with her clients. Mike Novak Smith give us a glimpse into working with the highly advertised “Purple Bricks” group. Fred Law makes a move to Century 21 Everest to assist the enterprise in developing their REO department. US REO Partners introduces you to our new members, as well as recognizing some of the awards our members have received this year.

Breaking News: US REO Partners is going to invite five of our members to join the Board of Directors as Board Members in an advisory capacity. These leaders will have their photos and bios included on our Board of Directors page, and participate in planning the future of US REO Partners. Stand by for more information.

To close, if you aren’t attending the Regional conference calls, you are truly missing out on opportunity. Each of our Regional leaders brings considerable expertise to the table and the networking, as well as information shared, is priceless. As a member, you have four opportunities to join a call every month. Though everyone is very busy, you owe it to yourself to jump on a call and get the latest.

Thank you for this past year – please feel free to reach out with your feedback and comments. Your participation is what makes this organization exceptional.

Happy New Year to you and your families.