US REO Partners Networking Event in Palm Springs

On Sunday, March 26, USREOP members met at the Kaiser Grille to enjoy an exclusive, members only, networking luncheon with the clients and Equator folks. Many thanks to Angela for arranging the event and Ms. Caroline Gim for being our photographer. Attending our luncheon were LRES, I-Serve, Guild Mortgage, RMS, 24 Asset, Selene Finance, Ms. Sharon Bartlett, and Equator.

From the luncheon, we went to the hotel for the Sunday training session, “50 Shades of REO.” Even though it was a Sunday session, it was one of the highest attended at the REOMAC conference with 120 attendees there to hear the panel speak on their perspectives of the market as well as what is needed from the broker community in the current environment.

USREOP was clearly viewed as the premier resource for client and broker networking. Many people commented on the luncheon being the perfect segue to our client appreciation and charity auction dinner coming up on September 17 in Dallas.