US REO Partners member, Ed Laine, asked to speak at the Fidelity National Title National Sales Meeting

Ed Laine was asked to give a presentation on where the market is and where it is heading. He spoke for about 30 minutes with 50 sales reps. He shared what appreciation is doing, and that the market is shifting. “Sellers with good agents know, but buyers don’t and are still over-bidding when not necessary. He shared stories of listings with 27 offers that sold for 41% over asking, and also about listings with 1 offer and still sold over asking. He even had one with just 3 offers that went $100k over asking. They also had a discussion about his Off Market Systems and how they are able to sell over 100 homes per year that never hit the MLS or the internet. The moral of the story? Experience Matters!”

Here is a link to photos that were taken at the event.