US REO Partner Recognize Recent Award Recipients

March 28, 2014 – As the U.S. real estate market continues to experience a slow recovery, some industry professionals have continued to excel. US REO Partner recognizes four of its members who have recently received awards for top sales in their respective areas.

“The industry is in an interesting position now with the volume of REOs shifting and the mortgage industry seeing modest improvements as credit limits are shifting,” said Troy Capell, president of USREOP. “Our members, who tend to focus on the REO market, have the expertise and flexibility to serve the needs of their communities no matter what the market demands.”

Scott Newman and his partner Lauren Mitrick co-own the Newman-Mitrick RE Group within Newman Realty in Chicago have been recognized as a Top Producer for 2013 by the Chicago Association of Realtors. The team was able to achieve a sales volume of more than $35 million in over 200 transactions in 2013.

“The key in this and any market quite frankly, is consistency,” said Newman, who has been a member of US REO Partner since 2011. “Today’s results are the outcome of decisions you made months ago. With this in mind, we developed a productive routine for accomplishing all the tasks that have made us successful and stick to it no matter how busy you get.”

Another USREOP member, Cody Ferris has also been recognized as a Premier Platinum producer with Coldwell Banker in Dallas and was nominated for the Five Star Real Estate Award. Ferris, who has been in real estate for 25 years, had 75 percent of his volume in REOs during the past year. He said that volume ratio is more 50 percent currently.

“It is an honor to be recognized for serving my community,” Ferris said about the awards. “Our team continues to simply approach our business with commitment to excellence that has served us well. We make it a point to get to know our market as well as our clients and their needs while treating them each with the same level of respect we would want.”

Ranae Stewart, owner of Pensacola, Fla.-based Exit Realty N.F.I, also was recognized as the top producer in 2013 with a volume of $22 million by Exit Realty. Stewart, who has been a USREOP member since 2010 and in the real estate business for 20 years, said her business has been exclusive REO for five years. “You have to adapt to the market or risk not having any business,” she said.

Another USREOP member recently recognized by Realty Executives Preferred, LLC, for his production is Jason Megie, who was named the Top Gun for Top Units (580) sold in 2013 in the Troy, Mich., area, and was number five in the Top 100 Executives listed by commission. Megie, a 13 year-industry veteran and USREOP member for three years, also received the Pinnacle Award for high commissions in 2013.

About US REO Partners

US REO Partners, Inc. is a membership-based organization formed in 2010 by industry experts who have experienced several servicing default cycles. Further, many members have experience in the servicing and real estate industries. Our membership represents the top real estate professionals across the country who have made a commitment to focus on the common goals of getting the industry back on track. We are an organization where everyone has a voice and everyone is expected to be a true partner in promoting our mission statement for a common goal.