LRES Promotes Molly Merchant as its Senior Director of REO Asset Management

Congratulations, Molly Merchant, on your recent promotion to Senior Director of REO Asset Management.

LRES Corporation, a national residential and commercial mortgage services company providing valuations, REO asset management, and HOA solutions for the mortgage and real estate industry, announced the promotion of Molly Merchant to Senior Director of REO Asset Management.

Ms. Merchant currently oversees the operations for both REO Asset Management and HOA Solutions at LRES Corporation. As Senior Director, Merchant is focused on expanding the company’s REO division and diversifying the company’s current REO Disposition and Marketing Analysis services. Merchant produced industry-leading numbers in 2018 by reducing Days Vacant to List by 30%, increasing the Sales Price to Current Value by 7%, and by reducing the Average Days to Close to under 32 days.

With over 20 years in the REO and real estate mortgage services industry, Merchant leverages her experience to implement improvements at every stage of the REO process.  Her leadership enables LRES to liquidate its clients’ REO assets in the shortest amount of time, for the greatest return, with the least amount of interruption. In addition to increasing efficiency within the company’s REO division, Merchant also leads the company’s HOA division; strengthening the current lien monitoring processes and streamlining manual search efforts.

“I truly appreciate the recognition for my hard work as well as for the opportunity to lead the REO and HOA divisions as Senior Director. My team continues to produce strong numbers and remains focused on providing best-in-class customer service. It is a privilege to work for LRES, and I look forward to continuing to work closely with my team to execute the organization’s strategic goals,” said Merchant.

By LRES  Posted 07/01/2019