2015 US REO Partners Networking Events at the GRC Symposium in UT

US REO Partners took an opportunity to connect with it’s members at the 2015 Green River Symposium in March of 2015. US REO Partners had a dinner Thursday, March 5th. There were 30 members in attendance at Fleming’s Steakhouse. US REO Partners members were able to network with clients from both BluePrint and Green River. It was a great opportunity for our members and the event was a great success.

Friday, March 6th our members met at Snowbasin Ski Resort in Utah. Some of the members that attended our get together were US REO Partners Board Member Scott Larsen of UT, as well as members John Sherwood of GA, Caroline Gim of CA, and US REO Partners Western Region Representative Jim Clifford of WA. Below are some highlights of both events.