Scott Larsen

Founding Member, Treasurer
Broker – Owner

Revolution Realty & Management
3755 Washington Blvd #5
Ogden UT 84403

Office Phone Number: 385-269-0288
Cell Phone Number: 801-698-2788

Memberships/Certifications: US REO Partners, REOMAC, NRBA, AREAA, NAHREB, NAR, UAR, Accredited REO agent, Equator Platinum, RES.NET certified, Golden R RPAC supporter.

Mr. Larsen started doing REO about 2 days after he was licensed. Licensed in 1998, Scott quickly found his passion within the default world. Graduating from Weber State University with a dual degree in Administration and Marketing has only added to his passion. Scott has always found the ability to adapt and be proactive to the changing markets and technology. We don’t need to re-invent the wheel, however it is always being changed, upgraded and fine tuned. We simply need to keep the basics working and in place and understand where growth benefits us and our clients. His list of clients includes the majority of the major banking institutions including Freddie Mac and HUD. Consistently the #1 Agent for Century 21 Franchises in units sold for the state of Utah, and most recently the number 1 agent for units sold and sales volume for his local board(NWAOR). The reoccurring theme to Scott’s business is just do what is right! It’s right for your clients, its right for the consumer, its right for the agents involved. “REO is all I have done, and surrounding myself with like minded agents and clients has sustained my business and success. US REO Partners is that kind of organization, that is why I am a founding member, that is why the elite of the default industry are members.”